Friday 15 June 2018  Issue No 2290



Starts Saturday 16th June

Local duo raising money for Multiple Sclerosis

Two friends are embarking this weekend on a charity cycle from Land’s End to John ‘o’ Groats but plan to forgo their sensible cycling attire and will be making the trip wearing frocks, dresses and blouses.   Elijah Forsyth [20] and Isaac Lawton [20], both from Ullapool, have been close friends since school, and intend setting off on the demanding 1000-mile journey, dubbed the ‘Two Man Lacey Drag Racey’, on Saturday 16th June to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. Both will be riding second hand Boardman Comp CX hybrid bikes that they recently purchased on line, and hope to make the trip in around twelve days.

Eli Isaac 500x334

Eli, a product design student at Dundee University said, “On a recent training run from Dundee to Ullapool on our old bikes, we were fraught with bad weather and mechanical failure. My seat bolt sheared, and I ended up on my back in a puddle.”   Isaac, who hopes to be accepted on a welding course in Invergordon this autumn said, “On reaching Inverness, the journey was thwarted, due to my rear gear cassette spectacularly disintegrating. It was a valuable lesson though, that it’s not just a case of getting on a bike and pedalling.”

The pair endeavour to make the gruelling journey without a support vehicle, so will be carrying everything they need, and intend procuring replacement lacy outfits from charity shops en route. “It’s all just a bit of fun,” said Isaac, “so not so much of a race.”. “At least not till we get near the end!” Eli competitively quipped. “There is of course a serious side to this in that we intend to raise as much money as possible for Multiple Sclerosis research. It is a cruel condition that, for some reason, is particularly prevalent in the Highlands. We both know people who are affected. Recent announcements about stem cell treatments are promising, but potential breakthroughs like this would not have been developed without charitable funding.”  

Isaac added, “All donations are welcome and will be hugely appreciated. We’re not quite sure what we are letting ourselves in for, but hopefully our training will have paid off and it will certainly be an adventure”

Donations can be made through Facebook and ‘Just Giving’ crowd funding page: There will be frequent updates throughout the journey highlighting our progress on the trip.   Contacts: Elijah Weightman: 01854 612380. Mobile: 07511 204763; Isaac Lawton: 07456 501488 Link:


UCT have applied for funding from the Calor Gas Rural Community Fund. If successful this will provide the funding to upgrade the facilities in your community charity shop, such that we can sort, wash and store donations more readily and have a quiet office space and distinct Hub area.

We need your votes to be able to qualify for this support. You will find all the instructions for registering and voting on the Calor Gas website. Once registered you will have 10 votes to use as you wish. There are two local projects looking for your support, our own New Broom and Isle Martin Trust.
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New Broom


Monday 4th June, Ardmair Beach.

Swimmers at Ardmair 1

Last Monday night, 30 brave and budding 'adventure swimmers' took the plunge out at Ardmair beach. It was a great evening and a first for Ullapool Swim Club.

We were joined by local 'open water swimming enthusiast' Norman Todd, who gave a talk on his upcoming 'Minch Swim' in July. He also gave us an insight into his training, as well as tips in dealing with the cold water elements, (eat lots of cake!!) which sounded very appealing to us all!  Noel Hawkins from 'Scottish Wildlife Trust' kindly came along too. He offered wet-suits, as well as some cool water based gadgets, to have a go at spotting some underwater wildlife. This was really great!

We had constructed a course of approx 200m in length. This ran adjacent to the shoreline and was designed to be a 'brief introduction swim', however the kids were refusing to come out by the end! Eventually the lure of hot chocolate and snacks prevailed. 

Therefore on behalf of Ullapool Swim Club, a number of "BIG THANK YOUS'!!" for an amazing evening:

  • Norman and Noel for sharing their knowledge of the sea. This was hugely inspiring to all our swimmers.
  • The Safety Team: Em Planterose and John Macintyre, on-board 'Awk' - Isle Martin Trust. Lochbroom Leisure Centre staff of William Godding, India Poe, Mhairi Crook and Erin Meek for being on-shore spotters/rescuers. Robbie Fraser and Struan Reeve for kayak support. 
  • Steven and Nanette Gourlay, who courteously provided some amazing footage with their drone 'spider cam' whizzing overhead.  
  • Ardmair Point Campsite and the Ceilidh Place, for hot chocolate provisions and snacks.
  • The Ullapool schools and Christine Crook for the use of the Mini Bus, to and from Ardmair.
  • Our NEW Club sponsor, 'Ullapool Smokehouse', for contributing towards our brand new swim caps!
  • The Ullapool Swim Club Committee and Coaches, for making the event happen.