Friday 20 July 2018  Issue No 2295



The Belles of Ullapool…!

On a gloriously sunny day in Edinburgh, there was a nice little group of folk from Ullapool at the Queen’s Holyrood Garden Party, representing community activity and local organisations. Strangely we were all unlikely guests, as this was certainly not our comfort zone.

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I was taken aback but delighted to be invited to represent the Ullapool Museum then heard that the Ullapool Book Festival had been invited as well as Noel Hawkins for the snorkelling and beach cleaning projects.

So duly kitted out in the required hats, which proved a boon in the sun, Joan Michael and Effie Mackenzie from the Ullapool Book Festival and I with my daughter for Ullapool Museum met up for an enjoyable afternoon of entertainment in the truly wonderful gardens of Holyrood Palace – people watching and eating dainty sandwiches.

In the crowd of several thousand we missed Noel for a group photo but met with Joan’s former boss at the fishery office – John Bruce and his fiancée Katrina Reid. Effie and Joan kept bumping into Dorothy (nee Ross, West Terrace (and Calum MacIver).

We were delighted that our brilliant local organisations and people were recognised like this. With so many Ullapool Museum volunteers it was an impossible job to choose just one to accompany me, along with the secrecy that had to be kept. So after two attempts, I invited my daughter Catherine.

But it meant recognition for all. Ullapool is a truly busy community of great volunteers.

Catriona Martin, chair of board of trustees.


The SNP’s Gail Ross, member of the Scottish Parliament for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross and Cllr Kirsteen Currie, SNP member of the Highland Council for North, West and Central Sutherland have welcomed the news that the go ahead has been given to develop a vertical launch site in North Sutherland. The site, on the Moine peninsula, has been confirmed as the preferred site by business secretary Greg Clark MP for the UK’s first spaceport, to launch satellites and rockets.

Speaking on Monday Gail said: “Whilst the wait was certainly frustrating at times, I’m delighted that this decision has been made. The potential positive impact on infrastructure and employment for the area cannot be understated. Sutherland needs more sustainable, long term and quality jobs, not only for the future socio-economic development of Sutherland but also to counter any negative impact that the decommissioning of Dounreay will have on the employment and economy of the area. This is not only positive news for Sutherland, it’s great for the space industry in Scotland, which is a key growing industry in our country.”

Adding to Gail’s comments, Kirsteen said:   “This news is fantastic. There is a long way to go in terms of delivering the final project, however, I’m confident that this could have a tremendous impact on the economy and development of my ward.   I hope that the spaceport will bring investment to this rural community which will have long term and wide ranging benefits. I now look forward to hearing detailed plans and seeing meaningful joint working with the local community to ensure this project is a real success.”



Weather for Tuesday 10th June – Monday 16th June

Max temp 21.6C = 71F  min temp 11.9C = 53F

A very wet start to the week with 40mm of rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Wednesday saw the brightest day of the week but overall it was mainly overcast.
Round the Pier day escaped the rain for the most part with only a short shower mid-afternoon.  It was breezy though. Sunday was back to rain whilst Monday was somewhat better.
We did record another record for the station. Just before midnight on Sunday night we had the highest minimum temperature for a single day at 16.1C. (