Friday 1 December 2017 Issue No. 2264


Well Done Stella!

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Congratulations to local dog Stella who has been voted Runner Up (just one point behind the winner) in the Therapet of the Year Award 2017.

Scottishstella2 charity, Canine Concern Scotland Trust, vote annually to choose worthy Therapet recipients of their award.

Huge thanks for nominating Stella go to Kirsty Urquhart who is Activities Co-ordinator at Mo Dhachaidh, Ullapool.  Her generous and heart warming description of Stella’s popularity and work during her visits to Mo Dhachaidh undoubtedly had a big influence on the outcome of the judging.

A big “thank you” too for the kind, very positive and also influential words written about Stella by the nominator from Ullapool High School, where Stella has worked as a “Paws Against Stress” dog.   She has also worked at Poolewe Primary School (“Reading With Dogs” scheme), Isle View Care Home, Aultbea and at Raigmore Hospital (Dog Phobia Therapy).

Stella is a “rescue” dog who was abandoned alongside her four puppies.  Despite her traumatic early life she is exceptionally calm, gentle and good natured.  She is very special - beautiful to look at and beautiful in character.  Her proud owners realise how extremely fortunate and privileged they are to have been allowed to adopt her.The Therapet Service is offered throughout Scotland.  There are two other Therapets, Buddy and Pippin, working in this area and potentially a fourth - an Ullapool resident is applying to Canine Concern Scotland Trust in the hope that her gentle little dog will be accepted as a Therapet too.  All Therapets are amazingly beneficial to humans in many ways.

** For more information about the Therapet Service or  email:

or telephone:0131 553 0034.