Friday 16 February 2018  Issue No 2273


Black Belt

Congratulations to the two students from Cameron’s School of Martial Arts who successfully graded to 1st Dan in Kempo Ju Jitsu in Maryburgh Amenities Centre on Saturday the 27th January 2018.   Ross Barnes-Miller who trains in our Scourie Dojo and Sarah Robbins who trains in both Scourie and Ullapool Dojos were put through a four hour grading to demonstrate the skills they have learned and the dedication they have shown over approximately five years of training.

Thanks also go to the Grading Panel and the other students for assisting on the day and for the support from the families over the years. Cameron’s School of Martial Arts has classes in Scourie, Gairloch, Maryburgh and Ullapool. For further details find us on Facebook or phone Ali Cameron on 07810000946.

Congratulations Picture2